CybAur Ltd.

CybAur Ltd. is a joint venture between CybX Security LLC (USA) and Aurum Globe Networks Ltd. (UK). We provide cybersecurity consultation and implementation primarily for UK government, local governments, health services, SME, and enterprise clients.

Cybaur Ltd.


Cybersecurity and cyber resiliency is critical in an age where data and information is so valuable, and yet so vulnerable.

The solutions developed by CybAur are designed to protect both data and infrastructure, and are flexible enough to be as effective for a small business as they are for international enterprise clients. There is no “one size fits all”, however, and each solution is customised to ensure the client receives a cybersecurity strategy that addresses all of their concerns and potential vulnerabilities.

Our Strengths

CybAur is unique in that no other company such a range of cybersecurity solutions as one package. From our DNS A-Record protection to our quantum secure messaging app, we provide solutions that are unmatched in our arena.

CybAur Ltd.